"Keayes not only captivated the audience, she stunned them...her insights about life are interesting bordering on the profound."

- Music Connection Magazine

Kirrily Keayes is an impassioned singer and songwriter who's music connects with people of all walks of life, ages and cultures as she reaches in and touches the human spirit Her songs are emotional and evocative reflections of her Kaleidoscope of experiences, most often accompanied by the rawness of an acoustic guitar. 

A musician, writer, artist, healer, Clairvoyant and World Traveler, Kirrily lives her life fully with a lot of risks and a lot of love. She's a health and fitness enthusiast, loves animals and spends her time creating and helping people. 

Born in the outback of Australia and a nomad by nature,

she has been traveling since the time she was a baby. Her family left Australia to explore Britain and America but finally settled in Canada where she was raised.


After a short foray into a professional, Canadian Juno Award winning acting career in Vancouver, she realized music was her calling and moved to Chicago where she performed on the local Indie Music scene discovering her own musicianship and songwriting style.


Later, upon moving to New York City and playing the circuit, she was exposed to many different styles of authentic live music from different cultures. This greatly influenced her songwriting and approach to music.


With a drive to expand and develop her skills, she also joined a West African Percussion Ensemble that performed in New York to raise money for a school in a small village in Ghana, 
from where the music had been taught by the Master Drummers. She considers this one of the most enriching musical experiences of her life, learning the rhythms and drum language and singing in tribal dialects.


She has also performed her music and modeled in Tokyo, Japan.


Her love of people and desire to contribute led her to become a philanthropist once she moved back to the West Coast to Los Angeles. She founded “Women 4 Women: Rock The Cause”, producing live music events that raised funds to help women in need. She also produced a series of female artist showcases called “Les Femmes De Musique”.


Since being in Los Angeles she has collaborated with hip hop artists and producers, sung in a Jazz Vocal Ensemble, furthered her classical studies in voice and piano, continues to learn West African Percussion and is now venturing into Beatboxing.


Currently she performs around Los Angeles but is looking forward to traveling to other cities to perform again soon.